The Latchis Hotel is located at 50 Main Street, Brattleboro, VT 05301 :  802-254-6300 and Toll free 800-798-6301

Website:  latchishotel.com

General email:  reservations@latchis.com


The Latchis Hotel accepts DIRECT reservations via our website at latchishotel.com and via phone at 802-254-6300 or 800-798-6301.  Guests must be 21 or older to book and check into the Latchis Hotel.  A valid ID and credit card are required for check in.


We accept 3rd party internet booked reservations via google booking, Expedia and it’s various affiliates and several other 3rd party booking engines.  

A valid credit card is required to complete a reservation or booking.    Guests must be 21 years or older to book a room and check in to the Latchis Hotel

Once a guest has booked via a 3rd party online booking service or agent, the Latchis Hotel receives the reservation only.  The guests’ booking and financial obligation is with that 3rd party, not the hotel.  Sadly the hotel cannot cancel, upgrade, discount, move or alter the reservation.  The guest will have to contact the original booking agent to make any changes.  Booking directly with the hotel is always best and you can generally get better pricing.


Check in time begins at 3PM and will end at 10PM in general circumstances.  Should you need to check in after our currently posted time, an after hour or night time check in protocol will be followed.  Please let the Concierge know as soon as you find you will be arriving after our desk closes so we can get you set up.

During COVID-19 period our check in is posted from 3PM to 8PM.


Check out time is by 11AM unless you have granted an extended check out time.


The Latchis Hotel accepts VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX and DISCOVER as well as Travelers Cheques.  We do not accept cash or personal checks.  A valid credit card and valid ID is required to check in to the Latchis Hotel


The Latchis Hotel has a private surface parking area directly behind our building and clearly marked.  Our parking is limited and on a first-come first-serve basis. We do not guarantee or reserve parking for guests.  Additional parking is available in the town owned pay and display parking lot next to ours.  It is free from 6PM until 9AM Monday – Saturday and free all day Sundays and holidays.  The Town of Brattleboro does not permit on-street parking after 11PM or on certain snow emergency days.  Guests are responsible for reading installed signage and following instructions for parking.  The Latchis Hotel does not pay for guest parking fees.  There is adequate parking information posted in and around the hotel and our Concierge can guide our guests to appropriate parking.


Rates at the Latchis Hotel fluctuate depending on the season.  Our High Season runs from July 1 through October 31.  Non High Season runs from November 1 through June 30.


General quite time starts at 10PM and is in effect until 9AM daily.


Latchis Hotel guests are expected to conduct themselves in a social and civilized fashion while in the building.  This includes consideration to neighboring guests regarding personal noise, activity in the public areas and while on the property.  Management and or the Concierge reserves the right to intervene on behalf of guest complaints or any inappropriate behaviors from guests or towards guests.  Action may include but limited to a general request to immediate cancellation of the reservation with no refund.

Guests found to be causing uncomfortable or disruptive conditions for other guests may be charged with any refunds given to other rooms affected by unsocial or inconsiderate behavior.

This policy also pertains to socially appropriate interaction with hotel staff and Management.


The Latchis Hotel maintains a 24 hour period prior to a guest’s scheduled check in date.  Cancellations made under 24 hours will be charged at the rate of the first night or one night of the regular rate as a cancellation fee.  In extreme weather circumstances the Latchis Hotel may choose to waive the cancellation fee or fees. 

The Latchis Hotel may choose at anytime to waive cancellation policies due to natural or unnatural situations not within our control.


Group bookings or blocks are given 4 weeks forward of the check in date for filling the room block.  At which time the remaining blocked rooms will be released to the public.


The Latchis Hotel does not accept liability for natural or unnatural occurrences or situations that are not reasonably within our control.  The Latchis Hotel does not accept responsibility for finding replacement accommodations for said blocks or bookings and events and leaves that process or responsibility with the booking party.  Natural disaster is defined as involving weather related disaster, earthquakes, flooding,  and natural hazards causing the facility to be unusable or inaccessible. Unnatural is defined but not limited to, health outbreaks or pandemics or occurrences due to human interaction that cause closure or partial closure of the facility, short term or long term. 


The Latchis Hotel is not responsible for the security or wellbeing of personal guest items that may have been left behind.  However, if an item is found we will make reasonable efforts to reunite the item with it’s owner.  Guests’ personal items are solely the responsibility of the guest and we remind all guests to pack carefully and to ensure you have removed all of your personal items from the room when you check out. Shipping of items back to the guest will be billed to the guest’s credit card used for room charges for the cost of shipping plus a $10 handling and packaging fee.  If that credit card fails we will make an attempt to contact the guest for payment.  Items left and unclaimed for 15 days will not be held longer.


Additional service fees may include but not limited to:  Lost key(s) fee, floral arrangements, special beverages, catering, missing room amenities, confections, office equipment rental, custom occasional items purchased for guest, ect.