Here’s The Fine Print.

When booking your stay at The Latchis Hotel in Brattleboro, VT, please be sure to read the following terms and conditions.


CHECK IN TIME: 3PM to 10PM Daily

LATE CHECK-IN: Arrivals after 11PM please contact our Concierge for instructions prior to arrival or let us know during booking. We understand unexpected travel delays happen. 802-254-6300

CHECK-OUT: 11AM Daily. A courtesy extension to 12 noon is available by contacting the Concierge in advance the night before or prior to 11AM. 802-254-6300

RESERVATIONS / CHECK-IN: A valid, major credit card is required for all reservations at the time of booking. We accept VISA, MASTER CARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS and DISCOVER. Guests must be 18 years of age or older to book a reservation and check in to the hotel. Where circumstances dictate this policy be amended, please contact the Hotel Manager. 802-254-6300

PAYMENT: VISA, MASTER CARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS and DISCOVER are accepted as form of payment for hotel services. Unfortunately we no longer accept cash or personal checks. Upon check-in, your card will be authorized for the amount of your stay. Upon check-out that card or preferred card will be charged for the final charges to your room.

SMOKING: The Latchis Hotel and Theatre building is 100% NON SMOKING! A non-refundable cleaning fee of $500 will be assessed to your credit card immediately should you disobey this policy. This fee covers cleaning and sanitizing of walls, ceilings, furniture, drapes, carpets, windows and mattresses. Please take it outside and away from entrance doors.

CANCELLATION: The Latchis Hotel requires a minimum of 2 full days notice of cancellation prior to check-in November 1 to August 31, and 3 full days notice prior to check-in September 1 to October 31. Cancellations made past the required cut-off may result in the full first night room rate being charged to you. Cancelling in advance of the notice guidelines will result in no cancellation fee. For a cancellation past the guideline; if your room is filled by 10PM the date of your reservation, you will not be charged a cancellation fee. We may also fill your room through our waitlist if applicable at no fee to you. In the case of inclement weather; you will not be charged a fee for cancelling a reservation due to stormy winter conditions obstructing travel. Stay home and stay safe.

NO-CALL, NO-SHOW: A no-call, no-show reservation is one in which a reservation is made and the guest does not register or check-in on the date reserved. The guest is responsible for the full room charges for the first night. In the event the oversight is a hotel responsibility, no fee will be charged.

GUEST PRIVACY: Our Concierge cannot release reservation information, guest confirmation, status, personal information including room numbers upon any outside inquiry. Deliveries for guests will be processed by the Concierge and guests will be notified and asked for direction of the delivery. Please let your visitors know in advance of your room information if you wish them to have it.

COMMON AMENITIES: FREE WiFi, FREE Parking, complimentary continental breakfast, ice maker, filtered chilled drinking water, guest library, beverage vending, conference room, microwave, business center in lobby with printing, tech support, color printing available, mail services, FedEx and UPS shipping.

ROOM AMENITIES: Fresh towels and linens, mini-frige, flat panel digital TV with Expanded HDTV programming, phone, digital clock radio, coffee maker, tea kettle upon request, hair dryer, iron and ironing board, personal care products. Suites have two TV’s and microwave in addition.

PETS: The Latchis Hotel offers select accommodations for guests with friendly, quiet, well behaved canine family members. There is a one time $40 fee that helps keep the canine friendly room in appropriate presentation. At check in you will receive a canine guest agreement to sign and a doggie care package. A green area is available just beyond our parking lot for the comfort of your four legged family member, please pick up after them. Sorry we are allowing canine family members only at this time. Please contact the Hotel Manager if you have questions. 802-254-6300

GENERAL CONSIDERATION: Latchis Hotel guests are the greatest. However, just so it’s in writing, we do ask that everyone be considerate of their neighboring guests at all times, especially after 10PM. Please be mindful and have a great time. If you’re going to have a party, at least invite your neighbors and the Concierge.

ROOM FURNISHINGS: Our rooms’ furnishings are placed as to best serve all our guests. As much as we wish you to feel at home, we ask that our room furnishings be left in the configuration in which we have placed the them. It is costly and time consuming to reset a room and a reset charge of $200 will be assessed to you if this occurs.

ONLINE THIRD PARTY BOOKINGS: The Latchis Hotel cannot guarantee accuracy over bookings made via third party online agents (ie; Expedia, hotels.com, etc.). It is in the guest’s best interest to read all the details before completing the booking. The guest is responsible for retaining access to all documentation delivered to them from the booking site. The hotel cannot adjust pricing, refund, or guarantee room availability or upgrade once the guest arrives.

LATCHIS HOTEL WEBSITE BOOKING: We guarantee all hotel and room information, availability and details given at latchis.com or latchishotel.com to be accurate as this is directly connected to our software at the Concierge.