Coffee Shops In Brattleboro

Coffee Shops In Brattleboro

With fresh, earthy tastes that can only be experienced here in the Green Mountain State, coffee shops in Brattleboro soothe the soul whether you’re bundling up during early-morning snowfall or cooling off with a chilled drink amid a balmy summer afternoon.

Not only do Brattleboro coffee shops brew invigorating Vermont coffee fit for an early morning boost or a midday pick-me-up, they’re appreciated for their rustic, humble interiors. From cowhide booths at The Works to cozy, underground quarters at Mocha Joe’s, each spot provides the perfect atmosphere to grab a cup ‘o joe and unwind solo or to catch up with friends and family.

The Works Bakery & Café


Cowhide seats and a comfortable, spacious atmosphere that offers space for solo travelers and groups alike.

Mocha Joe’s Café


The board-game-bearing specialty coffee roasters next door.

Amy’s Bakery Arts Café


Locally-roasted coffee, artisan baked goods, and an A+ mountain view.

Tulip Café


Add Vermont maple syrup to your specialty coffee for the ultimate Green Mountain java.