Canine Policy

We love dogs, but we still have rules.


A fee of $40 per stay will be added to the room charges.  This is a PER STAY fee and not a per night fee.  This fee helps us maintain the equipment used to cleanse the rooms after Fido’s visit.


Our staff are well trained and versed in ADA compliance.  Approved ADA canine are accepted with open arms at the Latchis Hotel.  Canine are the only ADA animal permitted in the Latchis Hotel at this time.

Does a hotel have the authority to ask about the ADA canine?  Yes, 1) Is the service canine required due to a disability and 2) what work or task has the canine been trained to perform.

Can a hotel ask that the ADA canine be removed from the hotel?  Yes, 1) if the canine is out of control and 2) if the person with the disability does not take effective action to control the canine

Are Emotional support (ESA) or “assistance animal” canine welcome at the Latchis Hotel?  Yes, however, ESA or Emotional Support canine are not ADA canine so the $40 pet fee will apply.  ESA canine do not fall under the ADA guidelines.  Doctors letters or certificates are invalid for ESA, sorry.

If you are traveling with another form of pet and must keep them safe during uncertain weather conditions, special permission may granted by the Hotel General Manager.  Please call: 802-254-6300


Due to insurance restrictions, there are exceptions as to breeds that we cannot accept in the hotel under any circumstances.  Please contact us directly if you need clarification or if an exception may be able to be granted on a case by case basis.  Please call: 802-254-6300


Our requirements are very simple to have Fido stay with us.  They must be quiet, well behaved, socialized with strangers and other canine and be clean and they cannot be left alone in the room if you go out.  We love dogs at the Latchis Hotel and encourage you to not have to leave Fido at home when you travel.  If you have any questions about our canine policies and need further clarification or wish to have a conversation with the Hotel General Manager about an upcoming stay, please call:  802-254-6300


When you check in we will have you fill out a canine registration and checklist.  It’s simple.  We will give you a special door hanger indicating there is a fur kind in the room so passers-by may take note to be conscious of that.


If your fur kid has an accident in the room please let us know.  It’s no big deal to us but we want to take the appropriate cleaning action prior to the next guest booking the room.  That’s what the forty dollar fee helps cover.