The Art of the Movie Date: Crafting The Perfect Movie Date at The Latchis

With its cozy collection of classic theatres and an eye-catching art deco interior, The Latchis has helped write its share of cine-magic love stories in Brattleboro. We all know the movie theater is a classic date destination, but we’re no ordinary big screen — follow our guide to craft the picture-perfect movie date at The Latchis.


Carefully consider your cinematic selection. See what’s playing at The Latchis and weigh the options based on both of your personal preferences; a romantic comedy may encourage a little intimacy, but could be too much for a first night out. Try a comedy feature to release any lingering tension, or catch a horror flick for some potential snuggling if one of you gets a little too spooked.

Don’t forget — the Main Theatre also serves as a stately stage for live events. Take a look at the lineup and scope out a concert or stand-up comedy show for the most memorable date ever.


Grab a popcorn to share before the show starts (or a candied snack like Junior Mints — they won’t get stuck in your teeth). While waiting in line for your movie munchies, break the ice by pointing out one or more of our lobby’s art deco attractions. For instance, admire the gold-washed friezes in our foyer or snap a group selfie with the statue of Hebe, the Goddess of Youth. Instead of just asking your date what their sign is (boooring!), have them point it out on our lobby’s terrazzo floor or the Main Theatre’s sparking zodiac ceiling.


As it always has, The Latchis stands as a symbol of Brattleboro’s historic nature and its quirky charm. This sentiment resonates with many folks in southern Vermont, so it’s no surprise to see couples returning to our doors to snatch movie tickets year after year. Not to jump too far ahead, but you never know — we’ve even seen couples return to The Latchis to say “I do.”

Take your movie date to the next level with our romance package at the Latchis Hotel — after all, what’s a date without fresh roses, chocolates, and some dinner downtown?