Hit The Trail: Hiking In Brattleboro

Brattleboro is uniquely situated in many ways –– surrounded by rivers, laced by mountain ridges, and bisected by Interstate 91.

Perched as we are on top of so many astounding natural resources, it’s no surprise that locals and visitors making hiking a priority. In fact, we might be one of the only towns around with a real mountain that you can hike directly from downtown. Take that, Switzerland!

blonde head outside

5 minutes away: Mt. Wantastiquet

Our downtown Mountain, our sleepy old man, our fave –– Mount Wantastiquet is hyper accessible and so much fun. If you do it speedily, the hike to the ledge summit overlooking the river and downtown takes about 2 hours round trip, making it the ideal day hike for hiking in Brattleboro (closeby and not too long but with plenty of vertical slope so you’ll feel the burn.)

10 minutes away: West River Trail

Secreted away behind The Marina’s parking lot, The West River Trail runs pretty much parallel to the West River for plenty of flat miles. Once you get going, you’ll discover the woods around the trail are richly forested and offer slanting river views. Walking, running, and biking are all allowed, so go out and enjoy however you like!

15 minutes away: Black Mountain

Black Mountain, a Nature Conservancy area, is another local’s favorite for the quick-n-dirty day hike. If you like, the route CAN include a bit of scrambling near the top. If not, any level of hiker can earn the panoramic views of our valley at the top.

30 minutes away: Stratton Fire Tower

Stratton is a ski mountain in winter and a Vermont tourist’s dream in summer. With numerous trails of all levels, wildflowers, a working gondola, and restaurant nearby, Stratton can easily take all day –– and you’ll love it. The fire tower isn’t part of the ski hill, and is on a separate route, but still close by.

60 + minutes away: Mt. Ascutney

A now defunct ski hill, Mt. Ascutney’s backside is hikable via a network of trails. We at The Latchis recommend the Weathersfield Trail for our guests looking for hiking in or near Brattleboro. Why? It takes you by the upper lip of a serious waterfall decked out some stylish geology (xenoliths that look like leopard skin, to be exact!)

Not satisfied? Fear not! Hiking in Brattleboro is well documented all around the web. Check out the town’s gorgeous brochure of trail maps here.