Covid Information


Due to COVID-19, the State of Vermont has implemented a mandatory quarantine for anyone returning to or traveling to Vermont.  Upon arrival at a lodging establishment, you will be required to complete a Certificate of Compliance.  We will keep this policy updated as new information is available from the VT Department of Health

Vermonters returning to Vermont from an out-of-state trip must complete a 14 day quarantine or a 7 day quarantine followed by a negative Covid test result.

Travelers arriving to Vermont must complete either a 14 day quarantine or a 7 day quarantine followed by a negative

Covid test.  (travelers must stay in their quarantine location or lodging establishment for the duration other than to travel to and from a test site)


The State of Vermont and the Town of Brattleboro has enacted a MASK MANDATE.  Proper face masks are to be worn while indoors of public and private shops lobbies and any gathering area and while entering and leaving restaurants. Outdoors, masks are encouraged at all times but especially if you cannot socially distance around others.

The Latchis Hotel and theatre REQUIRES ALL GUESTS AND PATRONS enter the hotel r theatre, to wear appropriate face masks when entering the building, while in any lobby or public space in the building and when exiting their rooms or the theatre to the outside.  If you do not enter with a face mask, you will be offered an appropriate face mask to wear.  If you enter without a mask you will be requested to put one on.  Failure to comply with this request may result in cancellation of your reservation or request to exit the building.


All hotel guests will be required to fill out a State of Vermont COVID COMPLIANCE declaration stating that they have not had contact with persons with Covid or Covid symptoms, Have quarantined for the required period or have had a negative covid test result with following quarantine period.  This form will also act as a Covid tracing that will require the signing Guests’ personal contact information and signature.  Theatre patrons will be required to follow the same masking protocol as the hotel but will only be asked to fill out a Covid tracking form upon entry.


Our traditional continental breakfast has been discontinued.  There are local options out and about town for breakfast.  Stay Local, Eat Local, Shop Local, Experience Local Brattleboro.


Our hotel check-in time is currently from 3PM to 8PM.  If you must arrive later than 8PM, please notify us as much in advance as possible.  We have a night time check in protocol, digital key access boxes and are happy to get you checked in whenever you need to arrive.


Due to Covid-19 sanitizing protocols early check ins are generally not available.  However, in some instances we may be able to accommodate your request.  Please request and early check in at the time of booking.  If it is possible, we will be happy to confirm your request.


Due to Covid-19, we have provided a self-check out kiosk in the West elevator lobby.  Please leave your room key set at the indicated key drop location and you are all set.  A Concierge is not staffed at the front desk until later in the afternoon, please use the self check-out option.


Due to Covid-19, we have suspended all in-room services such as housekeeping, stay-over refresh services and Concierge services that would require staff to enter your room while you are checked in.  If you find you are in need of additional amenities, there is a self-service cart in the main lobby.  If you have more urgent needs or requirements, we are happy to prepare your items, package them for sanitation and have them labeled for you to pick up at the pick up bar in the elevator lobby.


Reservations and Concierge: 10AM to 10PM daily

Check-In: 3PM to 8PM daily

Check-Out: 11AM Daily


HOTEL ROOMS are cleaned thoroughly and all surfaces cleaned and disinfected using ECOLAB cleaning methods and products that contain a hydrogen peroxide base that is certified to kill the Covid-19 virus.  Bathroom cleaners and window cleaners are also provided by the ECOLAB cleaning program.  Once the room is cleaned, a high wattage UV-C mobile light unit is stationed in the room for 30 minutes to 60 minutes based on square footage.  This process kills any remaining bacteria and virus’ left behind on any and all surfaces.  Once UV sanitized the door to the hotel room is sealed with a “break-away” door seal approved by the CDC for such purposes.  Staff may not enter the room for any reason once the room is sealed.  If the seal must be broken prior to the guest arriving, the room is again UV sanitized and re-sealed.  We do not use chemical based air fresheners or deodorizers in the hotel rooms.

THEATRES are also cleaned and sanitized using the ECOLAB cleaning program and hydrogen peroxide based products as well as the UV-C sanitizing light treatment after each auditorium use.

Requests to not use any cleaners in your hotel room due to personal preferences to cleaning chemicals, unfortunately, is not an option.  All guest spaces must be cleaned with the approved ECOLAB cleaning system prior to guest occupancy per State of Vermont Health Code.


All public areas such as lobbies, desks, hand rails, door handles and crash bars, elevator surfaces, buttons and public area emergency phones or courtesy phones are cleaned multiple times daily and after they have been utilized.  Industrial air scrubbing and filtering is employed in the public areas after hours.